[:pl]Taichung International Animation Festival[:]


1. Back, reż./dir. WU De-chuen, Taiwan, 4:25, 2017, Color, Hand Draw

The young boy takes care of his blind grandma after his parents passed away. One day, he falls and dies when hunting. But he keeps bringing food to his grandma every night until one day it suddenly occurs to her that she hasn’t heard his footsteps for a while…

2. Wish, reż./dir. LIU Ting-an, Taiwan, 4:55, 2017, Color, 2D Mixed Media

Wish, a delighted and vigorous spirit, hangs around in the Simen Market, a traditional market in Tainan. The market is Wish’s family, and it was also the people’s hope. However, sudden and catastrophic rain drowns Wish and the market. After that, what fate will Wish encounter?

3. Retouch, reż./dir. WANG Yi-shan, Taiwan, 4:15, 2017, Color, 2D computer

When the definition of “beauty” is getting narrower and narrower, how should women live with it when facing changes and standards set by the public? Endless struggles and conflicts rise as a result. However, is something beautiful only when it fits the definition defined by the public?

4. Reminisce me with the time of a day, reż./dir. Holly LO, Taiwan, 4:25, 2016, Color, Hand Draw, 2D

A story about memory.

5. Neon, reż./dir. PAN Sz-yu, Taiwan, 6:07, 2017, Color, 2D

Neon is a colourless and odourless gas, but when going through an electrified glass tube, it emits an orange glow. The scientists were amazed and named the gas “neon”, meaning “new”. Hence we use it to symbolize love in this film.

6. Divide, reż./dir. LIN Yi-yi, Taiwan, 2:50, 2017, Color, 2D

One is divided into two. Two is divided into four. Four is divided into eight. The numbers get larger and larger as they keep being divided. Soon, chaos descends.

7. Scar, reż./dir. HUANG Shi-rou, Taiwan, 4:18, 2017, Color, Hand Draw, 2D

Floating in the water, the girl lets the river carry her. A small boat glides over and accidently scratches her sensitive skin.

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Łączny czas pokazu: 31 min

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Wszystkie filmy zostaną zaprezentowane w oryginalnej wersji językowej z angielskimi napisami. Na pokazy z tego bloku wstęp wolny