Konkurs filmów animowanych dla dzieci 

The Birdie

reż. Yekaterina Filippova, Russian Federation, 2:40


Once the birdie met a hippo. They became friends and have built a lovely house together.


In a Cage

reż. Loic Bruyere, France, 6:00

It’s the story of an encounter: a caged bear who can’t sing meets a little bird who can’t fly but who can sing beautifully. Their friendship will be mutually beneficial and together they will overcome their disabilities.



reż. Antje Heyn, Germany, 7:38

PAWO (Tibetan for »being brave«) is the magical adventure of a little toy figure, who finds herself in a curious world. Thanks to some strange companions, she gradually becomes aware of her strength and skills…



reż. Henning M. Lederer, Germany, 1:00


Please welcome Ernest!



reż. LI, TSAI-HSUAN, Taiwan, 2:57


What can you do If the power goes out in the summer? It’s time to have outdoor fun with your dog!


The Kid and the Hedgehog

reż. Anna Solanas, Marc Riba, Spain, 3:00


A kid is climbing a hill. On the hill he’s going to meet a peculiar hedgehog.


The one who tamed clouds

reż. Nicolas Bianco-Levrin, France, 4:30



True Colour, Hui-Chun Yeh, Taiwan, 3:43

The Mountain Whale

reż. Tian-You ZHENG, Zhen LIU, Yu XIE, China, 4:04


Two photographers want to take a picture of a legendary flying whale living in the mountains. But the road is full of danger.



reż. Brit Raes, Belgia, 11:51


Catherine loves pets! But most of all, she loves her cat.  As she grows up, she can not connect with other people. Her cat is her life, and little by little she grows up to be a crazy old cat lady… Will she ever find friendship, or love?